Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cycling Eight

Awesome story from the good old internet about eight pretty radical teenage girls from Michigan who went on a multi-day bike trip in 1940. Produced by Heather Andrews.

"In those days, girl's just didn't do those kinds of things! We didn't know anyone else who had done it, we just decided to do it!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Bike Skill Share!

Winter is coming! Are you prepared?
Want to try biking through it for the first time? Or again?
Come to our winter bike skill share where we will:

-prepare your bike for the blustery months ahead
-learn tips and skills for winter cycling
-share experiences and learn from each other

Bring your bike! And your sweaters!

To check out the event on Facebook:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the beginning of our basis of unity!

Hey all!

So, last week we began to have a great discussion around the idea of drafting a basis ouf unity for Women and Transfolk bike nights. We had some bike love and fixin' before we began our conversation, so we all were filled with bike love from the start ♥

We started out by checking out a few great examples of other womens+transfolk bike nights, and being happy about all of our amazing comrades all over the place bringing amazing women's bike love to the world.

One group that we checked out was the Hamilton Womyn's Bike Collective. Amazing work friends! They run a whole bunch of great events and workshops, and have a pretty inspiring basis of unity on their website, which is copied below:

Hi! We’re the Hamilton Womyn’s Bike Collective…

The Hamilton Womyn’s Bike Collective is an ambitious, dynamic and powerful new not-for-profit project devoted to actively engaging and transforming our Hamilton community. We focus on skill-sharing rather than merely “skill-showing”. Growing from a place of having closely aligned with Hamilton Freeskool, Hamilton Womyn’s Bike Collective also creates a space for the Hamilton community to experience social justice and environmental responsibility, both in action, and through dialogue. The Womyn’s Bike Collective is made up by a group of women-identified people who work to nourish anti-oppressive and feminist values within the community. By creating a space in which community members can work toward a common goal – participating in and maintaining sustainable, accessible transportation – The Hamilton Womyn’s Bike Collective creatively opens up an inspiring opportunity for politically-informed growth and transformation.
All of our events, spaces and workshops are Women/Trans*/Femme (WTF) - friendly!

See? Amazing!

And so. We engaged in our initial conversation, and it was an amazing coming together of ideas, and opinions, and feelings. We decided to have one more night for visioning, set for next Tuesday to continue dialogue and further edit the basis of unity. But - we came up with some pretty crucial points that are important to all of us! And so, without further ado, here are some of the main points we came up with that are important to us for Women + Transfolk Bike nights!

  • For any women-identified individuals of all ages, races, shapes, backgrounds, ideologies
  • We aim to be an all inclusive group
  • A safer, non-judgemental space
  • Empowered, empowering
  • A comfortable space to learn from each other and teach each other bike skills 
  • A space/platform/catalyst to make a better community and share all kinds of life knowledge
  • Our bike space represents so much more to us than just the bikes themselves. It is a place to talk about life where we all feel comfortable. 
  • Environmentally minded/aware
  • Proudly connected with Recycle Cycles

We are all really excited to have started this process - and excited to have more voices contribute!
Join us next week, Tuesday November 1st to continue engaging in this amazing dialogue, and to help create a draft of our basis of unity!

Also, remember that this coming Friday is Halloween Critical Mass!

(For those you who may not know, Critical Mass is a wonderful bike ride that takes place in communities all over the world, usually the last Friday of the month, to encourage the beauty and love of cycling and to help give motorists a much needed reminded of the equal rights of cyclists on our city streets. In KW, Critical Mass meets up at the bandstand in Waterloo Park on the last Friday of the month at 5:00 pm and then collectively ride through the streets in solidarity and bike friendship, ending up at Victoria Park for an empowering, end of ride bike lift (for those who can!) and general good bike cheer.) See you there - wear a costume!

Friday, October 14, 2011

help us draft a basis of unity for our community!

By the incredible Christy Road

Well, we are happy to say that our bike nights have been going strong for about a year now, as a safe space to work on bikes and engage in awesome community and conversation. Hooray!

*** We would now like to work together draft a vision/ mission statement/ basis of unity for our Bike Nights. If you are interested in working on creating this statement, be sure to come out to bike night THIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18th. We will spend some time throughout the evening having a good conversation about what bike nights mean to each of us, what we want them to represent, and drafting a statement that we can use to help all of us and future members understand what our bike nights/ community is all about! 

If you cannot attend but would still like to give input to this conversation, just send in any ideas/comments/trains of thought to: 

We will have an e-mail list shortly to keep everyone updated! 

Keep riding, keep loving!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Okay, it's kinda late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Get ready for a whole new year of women and transfolk bike nights!
We're starting this year off with VISIONING and as per usual, good eats, good fixin, and you know... bikes all around.
Come on out!
Here're the dates for the next few weeks:
(**Note: All of these are tuesdays. From 6-9ish, drop in any time)
February 15th
March 1st
March 15th
March 29th
...Hopefully come april we can do it every tuesday?
Also, feel free to suggest workshops/events!

Please email ahead if you would like childcare!
grease n love!


Hello friendly friends!!
Just wanted to try out this whole posting business, and remind all of you lovelies that
CRITICAL MASS Is this friday!
Meet at the bandshell @ waterloo park: ride at 5!
It's winter, what better way to stay warm than riding yer bike with friends!!!
I wonder if there is a way to put different fonts? Hmm.
<3 fig